JSFL Server (allows JSFL from remote)

This program is a TCP Server, listening to clients JSFL commands on port 1212, running on a windows machine with Flash mx2004/8.

It allows to make whatever can be done locally with JSFL and can send flash outputs and errors to the connected clients.

The server can be reached from a simple terminal (telnet, netcat, putty…) to execute JSFL tasks such as compile flas from a linux machine. An usage with a tcp client is basically: cat script.jsfl | netcat HOST 1212.

I started in october 2006 a multiplatform client which should provide a graphical interface to perform some flash operations remotely.

  • Category: Servers / Extending IDE

  • Audience:

    • Developpers who needs to execute remote operations on Flash,

    • Students who wants to learn JSFL by command line,

    • Developpers who wants to create a tcp client for the JSFL server.

  • Platforms: Windows (Flash mx2004/8/9?)

  • Maturity:

    • server: stable (0.4)

  • License: GNU GPL.